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Diseases of the nervous system

Diseases of the nervous system affect the health of the whole organism. Constant experiences and stress can turn into depression, which, in turn, leaves an imprint on the quality of life and social activity of the individual. Currently, doctors agree that it is the nerve problems that are harbingers of diseases of other systems, including the heart, the digestive tract, the skin and genitals.

To prevent the detrimental effects of negative psycho-emotional factors, an integrated approach is needed. The way out can be the treatment of the nervous system in the Krasnaya Pakhra sanatorium near Moscow. Specialists with more than 15 years of experience will help to overcome a difficult period in life and return a positive attitude. After a stay in a sanatorium, 98% of patients report an improvement in emotional state, and this is reasonable. After all, even a simple stay on the territory of the complex in harmony with nature has a positive effect on psychological well-being.

Treatment programs in the sanatorium are developed individually, taking into account personal characteristics and disease. So, to reduce the symptoms of vegetative-vascular dystonia, the patient is helped by physical therapy, the correct daily routine, spa procedures and aromatic baths. Migraines retreat after massage, acupuncture, darsonvalization (the impact of an alternating impulse current) of the head and neck area. Magnetic and laser therapy, special diet, exercise in the gym and swimming in the pool help to alleviate neuralgia. Chronic fatigue syndrome relieves aromatic baths, massages and mineral water treatments.

If you need professional help from attentive specialists, if you feel that you are just tired and you do not have the strength to move forward, visit the Krasnaya Pakhra resort in the Moscow region, and we will return you a smile and a good mood!

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