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Diseases of the cardiovascular system

Diseases of the cardiovascular system - a frequent phenomenon in the lives of modern people. Sedentary lifestyle, poor quality food, bad habits - all this has a detrimental effect on the cardio machine. However, doctors agree that psycho-emotional experiences also have a negative effect. Constant stressful situations lead to intensive work of the heart muscle, and this leaves a mark on the general well-being of a person.
Resort-sanatorium treatment is most effective for restoring health. It allows not only to physically strengthen the body, but also to relax mentally, to distract from problems, to relax completely. Treatment of the cardiovascular system in the sanatorium "Krasnaya Pakhra" in the Moscow region is carried out under the supervision of highly qualified specialists. An individual approach to each patient increases the chances of a full recovery and a long-term favorable prognosis of such diseases as hypertension or neurocirculatory dystonia. The clinical picture is significantly improved in atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, cardiomyopathy and other pathological conditions.

The treatment of the heart in the sanatorium occurs with the use of modern achievements of science and technology. One of the most effective methods to reduce nervousness, improve microcirculation and activate metabolism is an electric vehicle on the Transair-04 device. The hypotensive and anticoagulant effect is given by low-frequency magnetic therapy. Depending on the disease, the program also includes relaxing baths, showers, mud baths, massages and physical therapy.

Professional doctors of the sanatorium will compile for you the most effective treatment program. Their long-term work experience helps to restore the normal activity of the cardiovascular system and strengthen the body as a whole. Among the specialists working on improving health, we can mention a cardiologist with more than 18 years of experience, a physiotherapist with 15 years of experience, a nutritionist with 16 years of experience. That is why 98% of patients report a positive effect of treatment at a spa.

Visit the resort complex “Krasnaya Pakhra” in the Moscow region to restore the lost health of the cardiovascular system or advise us to your loved ones who have similar problems. After all, longevity and its quality depend on heart health!

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