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Those who truly care about your health, we invite you to use located in the lobby bar, phyto-bar.
Here you can relax in a pleasant, relaxing atmosphere after a treatment session, drink a glass of fresh juice, vitamin-rich, oxygen cocktail or useful decoction of oats. For reading and socializing, guests can enjoy elite varieties of herbal teas with a delicate and exquisite flavors.

Juice bar presents teas, contributing to the General toning of the body, enhance its protective properties, rehydration and many others. For example, chamomile will help to restore the nervous system, lime color effectively help in diseases of the respiratory system, rose hips are useful in problems with the heart and blood vessels, the herb St. John's wort helps in the treatment of diseases of the stomach, kidneys, liver and gallbladder.

Experience the healing effect of natural ingredients of herbal teas, be sure to visit the juice bar of the resort!

Phyto-bar is open daily without interruption from 12:00 to 24:00.

*The indications and contraindications, contact your doctor!
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