AMAKS Krasnaya Pakhra Moscow region
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Additional Services


For the convenience of our guests at the resort in the lobby (Central reception) the ATM of alpha Bank. Around the clock You can use the terminal for withdrawal of cash.


Accommodation with Pets in the resort of Krasnaya Pakhra.

Pillow menu

It is well known that about a third of our lives we spend in bed, taking their specific nature, a portion of sleep. Of course, the way we put the main part of your body – head, is of great importance and directly affects the quality of sleep, and hence on our health. Experienced travelers know that the pillow is the most important thing in a hotel.


Parking on site is under video surveillance and is completely free to all resort guests. The resort offers over 250 Parking spaces, and reservation of Parking spaces is not required.


The resort Krasnaya Pakhra proposes to use the taxi service. To receive this service, please contact reception. The administrators of the resort will be happy to take Your order and arrange for any trip.

We only work with trusted taxi companies so You are guaranteed absolute security.


For convenience, the resort Krasnaya Pakhra we provide a free Shuttle from the stop Red Pakhra, 45th km. ( the Kaluga highway). To order your free Shuttle, please when booking inform the date and arrival time at the stop of the 45-th km of the Kaluga highway, will meet You at the appointed time and delivered to the resort.

Ironing room

Ironing room — a specially organized space for Ironing of linen and clothing, where the use of the Ironing facilities (iron, Ironing Board). On each floor of the resort "Krasnaya Pakhra" is located signposted Ironing room where You can iron your clothes at any time of the day.

Luggage storage and closet

During the whole time of stay in the resort of Krasnaya Pakhra You will be surrounded by constant care and attention. If Your departure is scheduled at a later time, our staff can keep Your Luggage in the Luggage room.

Apparatus for cleaning Shoe

As you know, shoes can tell a lot about its owner. We take care to ensure that our guests were able to maintain the perfect condition of their shoes - everyone can absolutely free to use located in the Central hall of the unit, carefully cleaning any type of Shoe from dirt and dust.


You need to prepare clothes to an important business meeting? Or caught in the rain while Hiking and want to wash my clothes? We'll take care of it! In our resort complex has Laundry facilities where You can give your clothes for washing or cleaning.


For users of the popular social network Instagram we placed in the Central lobby of the resort initprinter device, allowing you to print the photos taken at the resort and posted on the social network Instagram.


In the Central hall of the resort for convenience, is infomat - information source through which you can see with the infrastructure and services of the resort or view presentation video.


Love spending leisure time in the company with an interesting book? To relax and to develop intelligence best traveling, and even better if staying in hotels, having in its walls a library. On the ground floor of the resort Krasnaya Pakhra had an extensive library.

Kiosk commodities

For convenience of our resort, in the area of the main reception is placed a kiosk with Essentials. Affordable resort guests can purchase personal hygiene means and related products for the pool (goggles, a swim cap, earplugs, nose clips, disposable and rubber Slippers).

Internet access

Around the perimeter of the resort complex offers free high-speed Wi-Fi Internet access. Network access is password protected which can be obtained upon arrival.


The resort "Krasnaya Pakhra" is glad to offer its guests free Wake up call by a certain time. Enjoy your sleep without worrying about the alarm clock and we'll make sure You're not late, and Wake You at the appointed hour!
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