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Pillow menu

It is well known that about a third of our lives we spend in bed, taking their specific nature, a portion of sleep. Of course, the way we put the main part of your body – head, is of great importance and directly affects the quality of sleep, and hence on our health. Experienced travelers know that the pillow is the most important thing in a hotel. To ensure Your comfort and a healthy sleep resort Krasnaya Pakhra offers several different filling types of pillows.

In "pillow menu" is presented:
  • The bamboo pillow with smooth fiber surface. The thickness of the fibers does not exceed the thickness of a human hair and will not cause any harm even the most sensitive skin.
  • The eucalyptus pillow with additives of algae. Is extremely soft and has natural antiseptic properties that are beneficial for muscle and skin.
  • Pillow with herbs for insomnia filled with natural meadow grasses. Helps to restore healthy and deep sleep.
  • Pillow "Swan's down". Is beneficial to health, as it is fully repeats the shape of the head, providing the person a comfortable sleep.
  • Pillow with fleece is soft, warm, lightweight. Back pain, joint pain, muscle pain, rheumatic diseases - this is not a complete list of ailments that effectively prevents and eliminates wool.

The size of pillow 50*70 cm cushion If You like so that You will not be able to part with it, You can buy and take home with them.

The cost of renting pillows – 50 RUB./day. The cost of any pillow – 1200 rubles.
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