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Respiratory diseases

Spa treatment is very effective for diseases of the respiratory system. Basically they have a chronic course, and the patient’s condition is very closely related to climatic factors. Bronchopulmonary diseases often occur due to pollution of the urban air. This is taken into account in the sanatorium, where patients are surrounded by a natural and artificially created healing environment. They are in nature, breathing fresh air, enriched with oxygen - and this is a very important factor in treatment.

What diseases are treated in a sanatorium?

Treatment of diseases of the respiratory system in the sanatorium "Krasnaya Pakhra" is carried out in remission. In the chronic course of pneumonia, asthma or bronchitis without exacerbation, therapies used here are very effective. A rich diagnostic base and highly qualified staff allow you to choose a program that is most aimed at improving the state of the respiratory system and preventing the progression of diseases. Therefore, the cure of such patients occurs in 98% of cases.

Effective treatment in a sanatorium for bronchiectasis and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, but only in the first stage of respiratory failure. Various procedures will help increase the effectiveness of inpatient treatment and drug therapy. But with hemoptysis, severe bronchial asthma, or infectious processes, treatment in a sanatorium is contraindicated.

Treatment methods used in the sanatorium

After examination by a pulmonologist and diagnosis, an individual treatment program is appointed. It usually includes the following procedures:

  • inhalations are the main method of treatment, they are made with various drugs;
  • speleotherapy - treatment in salt caves;
  • UHF or ultrasound therapy;
  • electrophoresis;
  • treatment with a magnetic field or laser radiation;
  • balneotherapy - healing showers, mineral or steam carbonic baths, Tambukan mud;
  • chest massage or apparatus foot massage.

Sanatorium staff

High qualification and extensive experience of doctors allows you to choose the method of treatment that is most effective in each individual case. Competent specialists work in the sanatorium: pulmonologist G. M. Davydova, therapeutist and nutritionist E. Anilovskaya B., physiotherapist L. Zurina and others. They will help improve the patient’s respiratory system and prevent exacerbations of the disease.

Treatment at the Krasnaya Pakhra sanatorium is the best way to get rid of chronic broncho-pulmonary diseases and rest. Staying here will give the opportunity to breathe freely.

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