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Electrosleep is m ethod of electrotherapy, which uses pulsed currents of low frequency for direct effects on the Central nervous system to cause its inhibition, and thus the sleep of the patient.

The mechanism of action consists of direct and reflex effects of current pulses on the cerebral cortex and subcortical structures. The pulse current is a weak stimulus, providing a monotonous rhythmic effect to such brain structures as the hypothalamus and reticular formation.

Synchronization pulses with the biorhythms of the Central nervous system causes its inhibition, and leads to sleep onset. Electro normalizes the higher nervous activity, has a sedative effect, improves blood flow to the brain affects functional status of subcortical structures and Central parts of the autonomic nervous system.

Sometimes the procedure electrosleep combined with psycho - and music therapy. During the procedure, the patient is in a state of sleep, NAP or sleep.

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